[Warning] The memory region 'PS Old Gen' is at 87.37% usage


My NNMi is in warning due to "The memory region 'PS Old Gen' is at 87.37% usage."

Details of my environment:

  • System information

System Information for HP Network Node Manager i Software 10.00.701,10.01.001,10.01.002

HP Network Node Manager i Premium

  • OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Physical RAM Memory: 16GB
  • Ovjboss memory configuration (ovjboss.jvmargs):



    # JVM Memory parameters
    # -Xms: Initial Java Heap Size
    # -Xmx: Maximum Java Heap Size
    # -Xss: Java stack size (default to OS-supplied value)
  • Monitored objects:

    Thanks in advance.






  • Hi Gus,

    Do you have Enterasys devices in your Management domain?

    There is a known issue resulting in the PS Old Gen Memory to grow whose root cause was Enterasys devices with non-ending LLDP tables.

    If this is what happens in your case, it can be easily fixed by just adding the Entarsys devices IP addresses in the disco properties file $NNM_SHARED_CONF/disco/disco.SkipXdpProcessing  (the file has to be created as it does not exist by default as explained in the online help). 

    The following document may help you narrowing down the root cause of the issue further

    KM00513710: NNMi ovjboss PS Old Gen Memory Growth with Enterasys Devices

    KM1010635: Troubleshooting NNMi Memory issues 

    KM01697753: ovjboss crashes with an out of memory error after some time: how heap histo dumps and thread dumps can help

    In case you are facing the issue with devices looping in the lldp table, you may want to get tool nnmcheckSkipkXDP.ovpl  from the HPE Support to retreive the list of Enterasys devices in the following way:

    nnmcheckSkipkXDP.ovpl -vendor Enterasys

    All the best


  • Hi Marie-Noelle,

    I don't have any Enterasys node, we only have Cisco, Checkpoint and Nokia.

    I'm reading the KB regarding the memory issues which is really good.

    Do you think we should increase Xms (Initial Java Heap Size) and Xmx (Maximum Java Heap Size)? How much?

    Thanks and regards,

  • Verified Answer

    Hi Gus,

    According to the "Tuning the jboss Memory Size" section of the 10.0x Support Matrix:

    [Critical] The region 'PS Old Gen' is at 100.00% usage
    Fix by increasing the –Xmx value in ovjboss.jvmargs.

    So increasing the -Xmx value can be a valid option to address PS Old Gen issues.

    However, I would recommend you to read all the recommendations mentioned in that section along with those mentioned in the "Recommended Java heap size" column of the table shown in the "CPU, RAM, and Disk Space Requirements / Maximum Supported Managed Environment" section, for your corresponding management environment tier.

    This should be tell you more about the "how much".

    You'll see that there is a note here stating:

    "These recommendations are based on the environment size and polled object counts stated in this table. Polling fewer of a given object type might use less Java heap. Polling more of a given object type might require increased Java heap size as well as HP approval."

    Also even if you are running version 10.0x of NNMi, you may want also to have a look at the 10.2x Support Matrix..

    The 10.2x Support Matrix seems to have more detailed in its "Tuning the NNMi Memory Size" section, including for PS Old Gen memory isssues:

    [Critical] The region 'PS Old Gen' is at 100.00% usage
    This indicates the system is running low on heap memory. Check that the NNMi maximum heap setting is
    configured for the size of the monitored environment as specified under Sizing Recommendations.
    If the system is correctly configured and yet the warning persists, consider increasing the maximum NNMi
    heap size to the next tier, or by a small amount if at the maximum of 16 GB. Larger heap sizes are not
    always better as setting the heap too large may cause longer pauses if the hardware is not fast enough to
    handle the larger size.
    Setting the maximum heap to values over 16 GB should be done with caution as only high performance
    hardware is able to garbage collect such large heaps with acceptable pause times. Warnings about
    excessive pause times indicate the heap is too large for the system

    Also I would suggest you to monitor the PS Old Gen usage and see if it is stable or increasing over the time.
    If it keeps on increasing over the time, there could be another underground issue, related or not to some device agents, that would need to be narrowed down further and fixed.

    All the best