How to setup email from NPS

I had to rebuild my NPS.  I cannot email reports from NPS.  I cannot find the documentation to setup the NPS to send email.

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    Not sure if your platform is Linux or if it Windows.

    I have NPS 10.10 deployed on SuSE Linux 11 SP4.

    There's a command located here: /opt/OV/NNMPerformanceSPI/bin


    On my system, there is a man-page for it too:

           configureBIEmailServer.ovpl - utility to configure BI Server to enable
           email delivery

           Usage: configureBIEmailServer.ovpl [-h] -s <smtpserver:port> -r
           <default-sender-email-address> [-u <username>] [-p <password>]
                  -h       Usage
                  -s           smtpserver:port  Example:
                  -u      username (optional: needed on if smtp server required
                  -p      password (optional: needed on if smtp server required
                  -r      default-sender-email-address  Example:
           "configureBIEmailServer.ovpl" may be used to configure email server
           details into the BI Server, so that reports may be emailed from the

           iSPI Performance console.

           The servername:port and default-sender-email-address parameters are
           required.  The username and password credentials are optional - provide
           these only if your smtp server requires authentication.

           When this script is run, it will modify the BI Server configuration
           with the details provided.

           This task may be also be done manually by running the BI Server
           Configuration GUI (from Windows Start Menu, or use
           "runBIConfigGUI.ovpl"), select 'Notification' and edit the associated

           NOTE: any existing email server information is overwritten when this
           script is run.



  • Thank you.  This is exactly what I needed.