Ping (from server) and Traceroute( from Server) not working for IP Address

Seems like both tools only work for node object and do not work for IP Address/ Incident since version 10.50 (tested on Linux and WIndows). The launch actions were changed and generate a log in error when launch for IP address or incident object.

Has anyone come across it or found any alternative way to do it.

There is a QCR for somewhat related issue.QCCR1B16331.

I have  found same issue in 2018.05, 2018.08 and 2018.11

To reproduce:

Open Inventory > IP addresses > Choose an IP address > from a menu choose Actions > Node access > Ping (from server)" is
 not working.
  • Hi Misaq,

    currently there is a ticket open with R&D about this issue, we suspect that the problem maybe related tot he fact that we changed the permission of this menu item so that Guest users could use it.

    If that is the case I recommend to wait for the fix that will be provided soon, we cannot give an ETA but the R&D team is aware about this bug.