Multiple NNM URL feeds into one webpage

Hey All.  I'm working to provide a view to our NOC that display's the Open Root Cause Incident View from 8 different NNM servers.  I know the right answer is implement GNM but I don't have enough time for that so I'm trying to develop a temporary work around.

My thought was to create a basic webpage with 8 separate frames and have each frame open a url link to each server using the "Integrate NNMi Elsewhere with URLs" information.  I have the links created and they open in separate tabs.  So I know the urls are good.  But when I put them into the frame webpage it will only open the link to an older NNM9 server.  All the NNM10 links fail.  I can't find any logs to tell me why it isn't working but as I said, I'm using the same url as when I test with individual browser tabs.

Any ideas on how I can display the Root Cause view from 8 different servers in one view?  Or if there is a tweek needed on the NNM10 side (or maybe its a browser tweek that's needed) to allow all the urls to open in 1 browser view instead of on separate tabs?