NNMi action using powershell

Hi Guys,

I am working on an integration where I want to forward alerts from nnmi using action tab. Where I was trying to execute a powershell command. I checked the action log where it says it executed the powershell successfully but the action was never performed. When I manually executed the script it worked as expected. I am not sure what is missing here.

Powershell script is placed under actions folder. 

Example: mypowershellscript.ps1 $ssn


Jul 17, 2019 3:59:30.149 PM [ThreadID:12] FINE: com.hp.ov.nms.events.action.log.ActionLogger addToProcessList: Command: ""mypowershellscript.ps1" "Received cbgpFsmStateChange from xxxx (Enterprise : . , Event forwarded from : \"Invalid or unknown cia cia.remotemgr\" ) at Wed Jul 17 15:59:19 EDT 2019 with 7 parameters, Severity : Critical , Parameters : bgpPeerLastError= , bgpPeerState=1, cbgpPeerLastErrorTxt=hold time expired, cbgpPeerPrevState=3" "Critical" "xxxxxx" "Wed Jul 17 15:59:19 EDT 2019" "x.x.x.x""; Started at Wed Jul 17 15:59:30 EDT 2019; Incident Name: cbgpFsmStateChange; Incident UUID: 5d6a26a1-d8f4-4f82-8274-bc132c3c193f; Command Type: ScriptOrExecutable; Lifecycle state: com.hp.nms.incident.lifecycle.Registered; Exit Code: 0; Standard Output: null; Standard Error: null; Execution Status: null; Ran for 0 milliseconds
Jul 17, 2019 3:59:30.149 PM [ThreadID:12] FINE: com.hp.ov.nms.events.action.log.ActionLogger addToProcessList: 
Command: ""mypowershellscript.ps1" "Received cbgpFsmStateChange from xxxx (Enterprise : . , Event forwarded from : \"Invalid or unknown cia cia.remotemgr\" ) at Wed Jul 17 15:59:19 EDT 2019 with 7 parameters, Severity : Critical , Parameters : bgpPeerLastError= , bgpPeerState=1, cbgpPeerLastErrorTxt=hold time expired, cbgpPeerPrevState=3" "Critical" "xxxx" "Wed Jul 17 15:59:19 EDT 2019" "x.x.x.x""
Started at 7/17/19 3:59 PM
Incident Name: cbgpFsmStateChange
Incident UUID: 5d6a26a1-d8f4-4f82-8274-bc132c3c193f
Command Type: ScriptOrExecutable
Lifecycle state: com.hp.nms.incident.lifecycle.Registered
Exit Code: 0
Standard Output: null
Standard Error: null
Execution Status: null
Ran for 0 milliseconds