ESXi server connectivity to switch

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Had anyone attempted to discover ESXi hosts from NNMi. We tried to discover ESXi hosts in NNMi and it is discovered fine, however we are not able to find the connectivity to adjacent network switches.

I understand each ESXi host has its own vSwitch from where the connectivity is been done to network switches. I am able to see one Interface with name 'vSwitch0' and type as 'propMultiplex' been discovered in ESXI.

How can I identify from switch discovered Interfaces, is there any connectivity to ESXi vSwitch0 interface.

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  • Hello Ramesh,

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    To check the connectivity from the devices you can use a NNMi tool: /opt/OV/support/NMSDataCapture/armscripts/nnmCheckConnections.ovpl "hostname1,hostname2,hostname3..."

           Specify node's hostnames. Spaces before or after commas are allowed
           but not required. One or more nodes must be specified. This parameter
           must be placed after all options if any (last one)

    nnmCheckConnections.ovpl  ","


    Freiser Herrera

    NNMi Support

  • Thanks..

    From the output I was able to conclude from switch connectivity appears to ESXi server and VMs hosted under ESXi server.

    device    | port |    interface     | vlan | remote_mac_heard
    sr02swmum | 5329 | port-channel1234 |  144 | esx01{vmnic0,984BE16A8E88}
    sr02swmum | 4154 | port-channel59   |  141 | vm01esx01{Network adapter 1,005056B22E3C}

    where connectivity protocol is FDB.

    However I am not seeing any L2 connections between the switch and ESX server and VM vm01esx01.
    As per my understanding FDB connections will be discovered and will not make L2 connections since XDP protocol is the favoured one.

    How can I make sure NNMi will create L2 connection between switch and ESX/VM.