NNMi replacement for ovautoifmgr or equalent function?



We got a bunch(~500) of infrastructure nodes, of which we are only intressted in certain interfaces.

There comes and goes vlans on these nodes we don't care about. So we need these either unamanaged or only the specific interfaces we care about.


In 7.53 we unamanged unwanted interfaces daily by autoifmgr filtering.

Intranode "Intra Node Autofilter" { isNode && isRouter && ( vendor == "cisco Systems" && ("IP Address" ~ 10.*.*.*)) }

IntranodeInterface "Infra Interface Autofilter" { !isIP ||  ( isIP && "SNMP ifAlias" != "for MANAGEMENT") || ( isIP && "IP Address" !~ 10.*.*.* ) }


Better would be something like only monitor what we want. Putting something like this on a nodegroup filter.

{Nodegroup filter ( isNode && isRouter && ( vendor == "cisco Systems" && ("IP Address" ~ 10.*.*.*))

Monitor ("SNMP ifAlias" == "for MANAGEMENT" || "another interface" || "and another interface")

Unmonitor ("SNMP ifAlias" == "*") }


Can this be achieved somehow with NNMi?


/Br Fredrik

  • It looks like it should be reasonably straightforward.


    With NNMi you can define monitoring policies for devices and interfaces, based on the interface and/or node group they belong to. Policies are prioritised, so if a device is in multiple groups, it is the first policy that is applied. This identifies if the interface is to be monitored, should it have performance monitoring, should it be monitored even if it's not connected to another switch/router, etc. 


    Interface and Node groups can have static members, and/or they can use matching criteriat to identify members. These match on various attributes similar to what you've described below.


  • Hi RPS_Sholm,


       Yes, you can achieve this through NNM9i.


    First set the Discovery of the Addresses you want, and then create a node group, if you have large number of interfaces to be excluded. After that, go to Discovery Configuration, and go to tab Excluded Interfaces and select the node group which contains the interfaces which you do not want to be monitored.


    If you need any help, please let me know.





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