Hint when a new node is discovered ( node added )

In NNM 7.X there was an event created when a new node was added. 

This seems like feature lost in the webshop version.

I can fetch the seeded nodes from nnm.log, but from my auto-discovery rules, there is "nada" to be found.

In registration tab i can se the node was created, so a DB query could be done, but seem overkill.

The discovery log is missing, and the config looks like. conf/disco/log4j.properties

# Used to control logging in jboss clients for nnmconfigpoll.ovpl
# get the level of the root logger to DEBUG and set its appender
# as an appender named X
log4j.rootLogger = OFF, X

#set the appender named X to be a console appender

#set the layout for the appender X


Does anyone know how to modify this for better logging, or have some other ideas?


Br Fredrik