NNMi - Problems populating QA Probes from RNMs to the GNM


I'm running NNMi 10.10 for Win2K8 and installed iSPI for Metrics and QA.
The solution architecture content of one GNM and five RNMs.
QA is installed on the GNM and all RNMs.
QA GNM-RNM connection from the GNM to the RNM is configured and connected (configured in the QA configuration GUI).
On the RNMs QA probes are discovered and seen in the NNMi Workspace.

The issue is that these QA probes on the RNMs are not "populated" to the GNM and not visible in the QA Workspace on the GNM NNMi GUI.

Any suggestions what to check?

Steinar S.