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Simple question

We got new Cisco 5520 Series Wireless Controllers: which are not in the latest support matrix, they appear as cisco Generic.

Our old ones (cisco5500Wlc)  are supported (e.g. seeing all access-point).

I did an SNMP Walk and the stucture is similar.

Is it possible to force NNMi to use the profile of the old supported device ? (Instead of doing an Device Support Request)

Thanks Thomas


  • Thomas,

      Have you tried going to the Configuration workspace and then clicking on "Device Profiles".  You should then be able to specify the OID and the device profile you want to use.  

      I would suggest opening a case, whether this works or not, and provide the snmpwalk of the device in question.  This will then allow us to double check things and then provide the device profile configuration Out Of the Box in the future.

      All the best

    Dave Y

  • Hi 

    I think you cannot force NNMi to use an existing Device Profile to get assigned to a device which has not exactly this OID.

    What you can do is to create a new Profile using the yet unknow OID and assign the same Device Family, Device Vendor and Device Category (e.g. Cisco Wireless LAN Solution , Cisco, Wireless Access Point).

    But at the end it's just cosmentics....

    I'ts all about the cababilities and they don't change. While the already supported cisco5500Wlc has has the specific WLC entries, the unsupported (Cisco Generic)  WLC  has only the LAN Switching (Layer 2) entry and therefore will not be queried for WLC specific data.

    Thanks Thomas


    CISCO WLC AccessPoint Monitoring  /

    CISCO WLC CPU and Memory Monitoring / com.hp.nnm.capability.metric.wlc.airespaceMib

    LAN Switching (Layer 2)  / com.hp.nnm.capability.node.lanswitching




  • Verified Answer

    The device drivers are chassis OID specific and reside in a binary format on the system so trying to force one to be something its not is the equivient of classifying a house cat a lion... both are felines but one is several hundered kiograms heavier and much more dangerous.

    It sould be an enhancement request , but the good news is that the  driver team is now combined between NA and NNMI and releases the newly created drivers every other month on the HPO live portal, no waiting for a new version of the software.

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  • Hi,

    Can someone confirm the latest version has the Cisco 5508 and Cisco 5520 Wireless Controllers Device Profiles? or can these be downloaded somehow separatelly?


    Razvan Despa

  • Hello Razvan,


    if you have a running support contract and your MF login is linked with the support id of this contract, then you can download the latest device driver pack here:



    The archive contains the current device support matrix, too. A check for support for a device type/model will always need System Object ID (.


    HTH and best regards