NNMi is not receiving traps for particular host

Hello Folks,

i have nnmi 10.21, where i am using it for trap receiver in our network environment. the strange think i notice is i dont receive traps for particular oid. Which was working good earlier. system oid is..

when i checked following

1. Firewall Block >> No Firewall found

2.Genreated tcp dump @source >> seen snmp traps are emitted

3. Genreated tcpdump >> No snmp trap packets foune

4. Check trap services > trapconfig >> it is too working

5. checked the event in enable in snmp trap configuration >> it is configured

6 checked trapconf blockDumpList >>> Events do not matched

7. checked any suppression enabled on the configured trap >> no such think found

i see packtes are passing at the firewall, i do not know where i need to look more to resolve the event.

is ther any way nnmi can block the even or alert that coming in for the particular oid's ?