CPU monitoring @ Cisco ASA 5585

Hi all,

in our network infrastructure we have a Cisco ASA 5585 (System Object ID: . & Device Profile:  
ciscoASA5585Ssp20sc) and we need to monitor its CPU.
For some reason NNMi recognises only the memory as node component and presents the relative Gauge.
Is CPU supported for this device or not?
In the Device Support Matrix we can see that "Basic IP Discovery & Monitoring" is supported.
Does this mean that CPU is supported?
And if not, is there a way that we can monitor the CPU of the Cisco ASA devices?

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  • Costas,

      Which version of NNMi are you running?   I checked the 10.0 Device support matrix and you can see under the Node Sensor column the entry  "CM"   which means CPU and Memory.   So we believe that the CPU should be discovered.  The problem is that there are a number of cisco mibs that report CPU information, so I think the best thing to do is

    1) to get an "nnmsnmpwalk.ovpl -T <device> .1.3"  output from the device
    2) get the output from "nnmconfigpoll.ovpl -v <device>
    3) provide the Device Profile that the device is associated with
    4) open a support ticket

    then we can check out what the device is reporting via its MIB and try to see where the issue is.

      All the best

    Dave Y

  • Hi Dave,

    thank you for your response.

    I opened a support ticket.

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  • Costas

    What did you get back from raising this ticket?  We're also not seeing the CPU stats specifically for ASA 5585.  they have just had a long over due code upgrade.

    Thanks in advance