The Operation Manager for Windows do not start .

The Operation Manager for Windows do not start , when i call the console it send this message : "" The user roles could not be read. Please make sure that the database and Security Server are up and running.

These services terminated unexpectedly, each one has done this action 1 time, i try to restart each one of them, but the console never start.

The server is a Window  Server 2008 R2 .


  • Hello Carlos, 

    You can try the below ideas: 

    - Check current connection status with DB. 

    - Check in ODBC the current authentication method. 

    - Check whether DB has the users: HP-OVE-User and HP-OVE-Deleg-User. 

    - In Active Directory check for users that are opening MMC console. Add them in case they are not listed. 


    In case issue persists, I recommend you open a ticket with OMW team to analyze this issue properly.

    Best regards,