NNMi API access to node information

I have a need to retrieve the following information from NNMi:

* Device name

* Device IP

* Tenant

* Tenant description

If you go into the NNMi GUI and look at "nodes" under "inventory" you can get the first three bits of information as adjacent columns in the output.  However, I cannot find a way to duplicate this using the SOAP API, or even with nnmtopodump.  The SOAP API does not include the "management IP" in the returned information for the device list, and it is not clear where this can be retrieved.

The nnmtopodump utility will return the device name and the management IP, but it does not return any tenant association.  The only way I've found to get the tenant information is to look up the security information for each node at a time using the nnmsecurity utility, and this is quite slow.

I will probably open up a support case, but before I do, I wondered if anyone else has any experience in using command line utilities or API calls to duplicate the information that you can get by exporting node inventory information from the Web interface?

Greg Hubbard