Custom Poller : Track a node group for Interfaces DiscardsOut

Dear all,


I used the built-in MIB Expression ifOutDiscards (com.hp.nms.mibexpr.ifoutdiscards) based on the RFC1213 to poll automatically a node group and track down if some interfaces are generating discards.


OID : .


When  I use the expression against a node via Action > Graph MIB Expression, I can successfully see some interfaces generating discards (Screenshot2241.jpg)


I created then a custome poller collection and define some tresholds in it (see attachment Screenshot2247.jpg).


Finally I created a customer poller policy (see attachment Screenshot2248.jpg)


When I launch the collection of data I get always the same error (Screenshot2250.jpg)


Using the MIB Browser I can successfully interrogate these values (Screenshot2261.jpg)


I don't get why this is not working, maybe I did a mistake in the custom poller configuration...


Any help would be greatly appreciated... :-)



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    The "mib filter variable" should be something like the "ifIndex" if you want to collect interface metrix and filter on a given set of interfaces.

    Assume you want to collect on interfaces on the index 1-10; then you would define the "mib filter variable" to be "ifIndex" and the "mib filter" value to be "1-10".

    If you need to filter using a different criteria such as ifName or ifAlias etc, then you would use that as filter value and then use string (pattern matching) to define the filter values.



  • Hi there,


      The problem here is that because the expression you are collecting is part of a table you need to provide a variable that is used as a filter to determine which of the instances to collect.   Normally this variable would provide static data that you can compare against to be sure you collect the correct instances.  The problem with counters is that they are ever increasing and so are not static.  Thus Custom Poller does not support you specifying a filter variable of type Counter.


      Because you are using the interfaces table, you could use ifDescr or ifIndex as the filter variable and then just use * in the field to select all the interfaces.


      The problem with your configuration would also be that if Counters were to be supported, when the number is above 50 and the poller is restarted it would not select those instances with these values above 50.


      All the best


    Dave Y

  • Thanks Dieter and Dave for your prompt reply.


    But is it possible to use custom poller for watching such events like DiscardsOut or ErrorsOut for i.e. and being informed when an interface is increasing with such ?


    Or I'm trying to achieve something not possible at all :-)



  • Dear both,


    The suggestion from Dieter did the thing, brillant !


    The MIB Filter variable was not poiting on the right place that is all !


    Thanks a million :)