Custom Poller : Track a node group for Interfaces DiscardsOut

Dear all,


I used the built-in MIB Expression ifOutDiscards (com.hp.nms.mibexpr.ifoutdiscards) based on the RFC1213 to poll automatically a node group and track down if some interfaces are generating discards.


OID : .


When  I use the expression against a node via Action > Graph MIB Expression, I can successfully see some interfaces generating discards (Screenshot2241.jpg)


I created then a custome poller collection and define some tresholds in it (see attachment Screenshot2247.jpg).


Finally I created a customer poller policy (see attachment Screenshot2248.jpg)


When I launch the collection of data I get always the same error (Screenshot2250.jpg)


Using the MIB Browser I can successfully interrogate these values (Screenshot2261.jpg)


I don't get why this is not working, maybe I did a mistake in the custom poller configuration...


Any help would be greatly appreciated... :-)




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    The "mib filter variable" should be something like the "ifIndex" if you want to collect interface metrix and filter on a given set of interfaces.


    Assume you want to collect on interfaces on the index 1-10; then you would define the "mib filter variable" to be "ifIndex" and the "mib filter" value to be "1-10".


    If you need to filter using a different criteria such as ifName or ifAlias etc, then you would use that as filter value and then use string (pattern matching) to define the filter values.