snmp trap configuration and management event configuration

   I saw that there is a FanOutOfRangeOrMalfunctioning in the Management Event Configuration, then I would like to know whether I can create this event to the SNMP Trap Configuration as well.  

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  • Hi,
    what you want to achieve?
    Management incidents of node componnets like fans are created as a result of :
    1. discovery of fan  on managed node (see NNMi support matrix for vendors/devices models where fans can be discovwred)
    2. NNMi active polling and analysis of the results.

    SNMP trap is event what managed node is sending to NNMi. Different vendors /devices are sending their specific SNMP traps about the fan statuses. First of all you have to found what types of the devices are in your network and then look into relevant MIBs.
    For example on NNMI out of the box you already have: CiscoEnvMonFanStatusChangeNotif ., RcChasFanDown  .  (RAPID CITY MIB)

    Other vendors like Alteon switch trap is altSwFanFailure . , F5 bigipChassisFanBad . So relevant MIBs must be loaded and SNMP traps incidents configured in NNMI.

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  • Hi,
       Thanks for your information. Acutally I have tried to test the  nnmsnmpnotify.ovpl -a Cisco3850ip nnmip . and it's working, therefore I replaced the oid . with the same command, but showed nothing on the incident browsing, and I'm very confused why I couldn't find the oid . from snmpwalk tool. 

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  • Hello cern,


    the . is a NNMi internal incident (Management Event) and you cannot use ot with snmptrap. You have to create your own SNMP trap incident configuration if you want to use a script to sent events to NNMi or devices will sent you SNMP traps which are documented in their MIB definitions.


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  • Folks,

      As Allessandro stated, the Internal NNMi management incidents can't be "mimiced" using traps.  However it is possible to raise some of them using the jmx-console which can then inject them into the internal event stream for test purposes.  Unfortunately the incident referenced in this thread has not been implemented, I did check !   The jmx-console is a support tool and therefore there are limitations and only a certain set of the management incidents have been implemented. to date.

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    Dave Y