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NNM9i - custom poller - specific bgppeerstate

I want to be able to check every 15 minutes on the bgppeerstate of an connection ipaddr and if the state is not 6 generate an Incident. I do not want to check all nodes in a node group and all instances on them if possible.

This was a simple task in nnm7 with data collection - but I am just not getting to grips with it in nnm9.

Can someone give me an helping hand?

  • Hi,
    I presume that on the router you already issued the "snmp-server enable traps bgp" command.
    In NNM , in Configuration-> Incident Configuration you will find the "BGPBackwardTransition" trap.
    You will have to activate it, and in the Action Configuration you can place a script that verifies if the the state is not 6.

    You can you: $sourceNodeName or $managementAddress to select the router (or routers ) you want to generate an incident.

    Hope this help
  • Hi Nick,
    the thing is that I have several connections but only one is critical for me. That is why I dont want to enable snmp traps for bgp, there is a lot of noise from this box.
    The way I do this in NNM7, is by data collection (polling every 15 min) the specific item( . ) and if the status is not equal to 6 then event.

    With the custom poller I can get to select bgppeerstate but not the specific item(but this is probably due to lack of knowledge of the new NNM9 system :-) ).

  • Siggi,

    We are running NNMi 8.13 but I'm sure custom poller has to be very similar concept. Here is what you can try:

    First, setup a custom poller collection with: MIB Poll Variable = bgpPeerState OID
    MIB Filter Variable = you might have to double check but I think you want the bgpPeerLocalAddr OID

    Then, set up a comparison map like this:
    Order 1; polled value = 6; state mapping = Normal
    Order 2; polled value != 6; state mapping = Critical

    Now you can save your collection and set up a policy for it:
    Map your policy to the collection you just created and specify the node group where your node belongs (or create a new node group with just this node in it). Then, in the MIB Filter, you should put your or whatever value corresponds to your bgpPeerLocalAddr MIB Filter entry.

    I have done something very similar and it works great! Only difference is we filter based on bgpPeerAdminStatus = 2 which I don't think is your goal.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi drv23 :-),
    thanks for you input, I think this should work but I get an error when trying to save the custom poll. I have just opened a case with HP - there must be something wrong.

    I can´t get rid the feeling that in this HP is going backwards in ease of use. As you know from experience you are frequently polling a specific device and specific instance - and this approach does not seem good at first glance - but then I have just started with NNM9 - had the other for several years.

  • Hello,

    You got any solution from the HP.

    I am also facing same issue on the custom poller.
    Can you provide the screenshot of configuration.

  • Hi,

    yes I got a solution from HP - did not work :-)

    Got another solution frm HP - that did work, just shows how complicated this is compared to the old NNM.


    If I remember this correctly 

    1.  Create a custom poller Collection ( enable "Generate Incident"  )

    2.  Create Comparison Maps

    • ordering = 1, Comparison Operator = , Comparison Value "6", State Mapping "Normal"
    • ordering = 2, Comparison Operator != , Comparison Value "6", State Mapping  "Critical"

    3.  Create MIB Expression ( the "Expression" is bgpPeerState" . )

    4. Create MIB Filter Variable ( bgpPeerRemoteAddr )

    5. Create Custome Poller Policy

    • give it a name
    • give it a order no
    • select the collection you created in no 3
    • activate it
    • apply this to a node group ( you have to apply to a node group - create one for one route if needed ).
    • put the ip number of the bgpPeer you want to monitor in "MIB Filter"
    • select the Polling frequency


    I will attach some pics also








  • Hello sjodrikur,


    Thanks for imformation.


    If you provide the snaps it will great help.






  • Hi,

    I thought I had done so - but if at first you don´t ....