Best practice for interface monitoring

Hello all,

We are running NNMi 2020.08 and are wondering what is the best practice for interface monitoring?

More specifically, we are trying to clean up our networking configuration.  We had many interfaces that had been connected to something, that something got decommissioned but nothing was done with the interface, hence we had tons of InterfaceDown incidents for those now unused interfaces.  We have been going around and admin'ing down those now unusued interfaces (FYI we're mostly a Cisco network).

After rediscovery we are seeing those interfaces with a status of disabled, admin state down (red), operational state as down (red).  We had been expecting these interfaces to be like our other unmonitored interfaces and have a status of “No Status”.  (FYI we have configured NNMi to not poll unconnected interfaces). 

I was wondering what do most people do in terms of their interface monitoring in terms of the NNMi configuration and/or configuration of the unused interface on the network gear?



  • Suggested Answer

    I am guessing you really do have "Poll Unconnected Interfaces " enabled somewhere.

    I would select an interface that you have ADMIN DN and OP DN from a map ( RED) meaning it is being monitored.

    Then right click on that port and select " Config Details" then "Monitoring Settings".

    The box that opens up will tell you where you may have the setting for "Poll Unconnected Interfaces " enabled.