Removing older /opt/NA/server/images files

I'm running NA 10.40.

I have some /opt/NA/server/images/   files that are over a couple of years old. Can I remove those files and just

keep the current ( this year's ) files to get some disk space ? 



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    While you "can" delete the old files, you may want to go about it a different way to make things clean in NA.  I think if you remove the files outside of the UI (deleting them at OS) then NA will have the equivalent of null pointers for the image(s) you removed (you'd find this in the software images / file sets)

    If it were us, and I removed the files, folks would be really irritated with me as they may go thru the steps of pushing out a new image to devices thru NA and then it wouldn't work since that file wouldn't be there.  

    Guessing you've got the data pruning task scheduled?  Maybe patch_backups you don't need?  Junk out of addins?  If you have or had the audit.log enabled, that can get huge so maybe move it?  

    Hope this helps and good luck.