Forward SNMP v3 trap to HP Operation Agent 12.x

Hi Team,

We have NNMi 10.30 integrated with OBM with help of Operation Agent 12.x. Currently, we are forwarding all the SNMP v1 or v2 Trap from NNMi to Operation agent with help of option selection "SNMP 3rd Party Trap" in  HPE NNMi - HPE OM Integration Selection. So whether any trap process in NNMi or not we got that trap in OA agent and on OA agent we have our own SNMP trap policies as per vendor of devices. So you can say that Here NNMi work as mediator between Trap source devices and OA agent , because NNMi receive the trap and forward to OA agent.

Now we need same way of integration for SNMP v3 Trap. So just wanted to know that do we need to configure NNMi to receive SNMPv3 trap configuration or OA agent need to configure to receive SNMP v3 trap. If yes for both, please let us know what need to be done to get SNMP v3 trap in OA agent vi NNMi. Also we have multiple device with multiple v3 credentials.

  • Hi, Sumit

    HPE NNMi- HPE OM integration is independent from incoming SNMP trap versions. Traps to OMA are forwarded in SNMPv2 format. All you need is to configure SNMPv3 communication in NNMi, then NNMi will be able to decodes incoming SNMPv3 traps , convert it to SNMPv2 and forward to OM Agent.

    my 2 cents,