NNMi - Duplicate device


I found out that I have a duplicate device in my database.

The first device was seeded long time ago. It has a management address and it is bound to a loopback interface 1.

The second device is auto discovered and has a management address of which is bound to the loopback interface 99.

So device 1 and 2 are physical the same device but in NNMi this are 2 devices with different management IPs.

I've set up a discovery rule, that scans the address range for new devices. The address was newly configured on the device. So this might be the reason why NNMi discovered this second device. Also the loopback 99 interface is setup in the communication configuration under interface matching in NNMi. 

Is it possible to stop NNMi discovering the second device again?

Thanks in advance



  • Suggested Answer

    Hello Tobias,

    Some changes on a device may result in duplication, but normally next auto configuration poll should resolve that. If it does not happen it means there is something on a device that prevents current NNMi node identity algorithm to merge duplicates. This could happen for many reasons, for example, SNMP information for interfaces and IP addresses could be different when query using and This was typical in the past for Cisco Nexus devices having VRF or VDC. Many duplicate issues were resolved in newer NNMi versions but I am not sure which version we have here. First, try to clear all duplicates with

    "/opt/OV/support/nnmdiscotech.ovpl -resolveDups" and verify by running "/opt/OV/support/nnmdiscotech.ovpl -listDups". Wait for several days to see if duplications reappear again or not. If duplicates appear again, please submit a support case indicating the NNMi version and patch level.

    Best regards,