Should NPS-backup cause metric processing freeze?


My customer has NNMi 10.10 on Linux with iSPI Performance for Metrics and a separate/dedicated NPS-server.  They run backups of the NPS every night by means of the backup.ovpl command.

Every time they run a FULL backup at 01:00 (AM), it takes approx 6, 5 hours (!) to finish. When the backup is finished, there are several hundreds (often more than 1000) unprocessed metrics-files from NNMi in the /metrics/final directory. The NPS  then starts to work through these, but it takes another few hours before all of them have been processed.

Is it normal/expected that the NPS totally stops processing such metrics-files during backup?

Frank Mortensen
Managon AB

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    Hello Frank

    Thanks for posting

    My apologies in the delay if my response

    This is not a normal behavior there can be some aspects which are affecting the way NPS is taking the backup. There are different possibilities like the system can be overloaded or almost reaching the limits of resources and the server is processing a lot of information. Other option is the size of the backup that the system is taking. I think it is a good idea to check the system resources.

    Also my assumption is that there can be a delay with the ETLs or are in a WAITING status during the backup process. It would be great if you open a support case to be able to troubleshoot this particular matter.

    I hope this helps you,


  • Thanks, Vincent!

    That was very valuable input. It turned out that this system has a wrapper-script that stops the ETL-process before running the backup (!)


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