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Availability data for Chassis/Cards

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over 2 years ago

NNM 10.21 with latest patch and device driver packs applied

We have Cisco WLC device where NNM discovers Chassis and Cards. NNM is monitoring for Chassis and alerting is been done using ChassisDown management event. However availability data of Chassis and Cards are not stored in NPS Sybase IQ database.

Can you please enhance NNM/NPS to store availability data of Chassis/Cards etc.

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  • Dear Akash In our environment we are monitoring WIFI AP using NNMi and monitoring is fine, but management is looking for dashboard where it shows WIFI AP status in last 5 minutes, one hour, one day etc. Currently AP is been discovered as Chassis in NNM and availability is not collected we are not able to present. However we can get this information from NNMi database, which we do not want to expose to third party tool, hence we feel this would be good one to be implemented. In general it would be better if availability is calculated not only based on WLC, but for others as well, including Card availability.
  • Dear Submitter,

    We would like to understand if the ask for storing Availability data for Chassis in only for WLC or there are other scenarios where you would like to have this data.

    We are looking into enhancing WLC management which shall enable reporting on availability etc. for Access Points and hence would like to understand the context for this Idea.