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Cisco WLC Upgrade with pre-downloading AP software

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

We would like to propose a feature request regarding a Cisco WLC upgrade in NA.

A Cisco WLC consists of a controller and associated Access Points (APs).
The WLC and APs need to be on the same image version to function correctly.
The devices can therefore be upgraded in two ways: the standard procedure or with predownloading the new software images to the APs.

With the standard procedure, the new image is pushed to the WLC, the APs then download the new image from the WLC and all devices (WLC + APs) reboot.
As you can imagine, it takes some time for the APs to download the new image and reboot. This would happen in one maintenance window.
Therefore there is an option to predownload the images to the APs. With this option it’s possible to predownload the image to the APs (during the day) while they keep functioning so that the image is already available to the APs.
Then, in the maintance window, the WLC and APs only have to reboot, since the download has already happened.
This reduces the needed time in the maintenance window itself.

Our question here is: is it possible in Network Automation to somehow use this predownload image feature of the WLC / APs?
Normally, this feature can be used with the command: “config ap image predownload primary all” on the CLI of the WLC.


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