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LDAP AD in NNMi 2018.11 or later - create a wizard or on screen interface to configure

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over 1 year ago

Your team created a gui / web page to configure clustering
Could you do the same for Active Directory integration?

LDAP/AD is too difficult to configure in NNMi.
It took me 5 mins to fill in the gui boxes on OBM 2019.05 but support still cannot after 2 months figure out what is wrong with NNMi attempting to use active directory ldap.

A.) Rework the LDAP/AD module to be easier to work with

B.) Rework the LDAP/AD config files to match the same settings asked for in OBM Authentication Management

C.) Create a web gui like NNMi Cluster Wizard to configure, connect, and test connection to AD.