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NA API call to allow multiple devices,separated by comma, not just device group.

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

When using API to create task, NA allows only 1 device or 1 device group at a time.

It is inefficent for API caller to call 100 times if they want to do a work on 100 devices, or they have to create a device group first, run the call.

After the call, if API caller does not delete the group, it is a nightmare for NA admin to clean up.

If they delete the group, they can not review all the subtask in the master task and seeing all the device in one page by clicking on the device group link.



NW Technology
User Experience
  • I think we would use a list most frequently, but could see the benefit of being able to use reg-ex and / or wildcards as well.  

  • Thanks for submitting this Idea. I am changing the status of this to "Waiting for Votes". While we assess the community interest in this idea, we would also like to understand what would be preferred ways to provide the list. Some options might be: 1. Comma-separated list 2. RegEx to define the hostname 3. IP Address range 4. Wildcard Please suggest.