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NA: export / import all relevant settings (for setting up NA newly on different servers / DBs)

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

The possibility to export/import all relevant settings when setting up NA newly on different server(s) and database(s)

  • the whole construct of users, usergroups, usergroup membership, user roles and permissions and their dependencies
  • device-groups and memberships and their dependencies,
  • admin settings
  • reports
  • the whole construct of change-plans, policies, diagnostics etc. and the necessary device-groups and their dependencies
  • scheduled tasks (the whole construct of device-groups, diagnostics .. and their dependencies ... )
  • device password rules
  • software image sets and images
  • software levels
  • event notification & response rules
  • enhanced custom fields setup
    These items are mentioned, because we use them now. 

All the other not mentioned settings should of course also be ex- and importable, like

  • Custom Data Setup,
  • Security Partitions,
  • Gateways,
  • LDAP- Setup
  • Workflow Setup
  • ....
    Logically you should also provide easy migration possiblities between databases (old against new, postgres against oracle and vice versa .. )


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