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NA needs to support Serial Number for Brocade MLX's right now Mar driver pack is incorrect RegEx

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

The March Driver Pack for NA has the wrong RegEx for finding the Serial Number for Brocade MLX switches.  The workaround is to unzip the Foundry_JS.rdp file change the snapshot_parser.js file.

The problem is with the regex expression for

cake.snapshot.patter_SerialNumber = /\n[\t ]+Serial +#: ?(\S+)/;

 A more correct regex pattern that works with Brocade MLX’s should show the following: 

cake.snapshot.pattern_SerialNumber = /\n[\t ]+Serial +#: ?(\S+)|Chassis.*?Serial +#: ?(\S+?)[, ]/;

Once you make the change rezip the file Foundry_JS.rdp and then reload the drivers.  Please fix this defect.