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Need 24 hour time format for NNMi

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Under Consideration
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over 1 year ago

I have several customers asking for a 24 hour clock format in the UI's for NNMi.  This was an ER a few years back (QCCR1B101350) but never implemented.   

  • Still don't see a way to set 24-hour clock for "Incidents" view in version 2020.08. Your support team asked me to submit a new request to let you know there's a greater demand for this feature. Military time is widely used in telecom industry. We'd like to see this new feature in newer releases.

  • Hello,


    it would be great to have a setting for date, time and language independant from the browser language. As %NnmDataDir%nmsas\NNM\ already provides the attribute nmsas.server.forceClientLocale, it should be able to set date formate (e.g. dd.MM.yyyy), time formate (e.g. HH:mm:ss) and perhaps language as well (e.g. de).

    BTW: Setting forceClientLocal to en_IE you change the language to english and the date time format to "dd/MM/yy HH:mm:ss" (restart of jboss is needed to activate the change).


    BR Allessandro 

  • Few years ago I have also asked for eqalization of time formats on NNMi UI. Even presented screenshot which had THREE time formats. Can't recall the QCCR now but this is needed badly!

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