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Negative filters in the filter form in NNMi

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over 1 year ago

I really miss the opportunity to create negative filters in NNMi. The filter form should be expanded with the options "Not start with", "Not contains" and "Not matches". It is too time consuming to use the "Not equal to this value" which is the only negative filer option that exist today.

The filter form could look something like this. 


This is the same request as QCCR1B159915

  • AndyKemp. It is not that easy.

    • Node filter is just an example. Node Groups or Interface Groups can not be used to filter the Message column for an Incident or SNMP-trap. It is not possible to add an Interface Filter in eg. Open Key Incidents view (so there is another idea).
    • Node Groups can only be created by administrators. So the suggested solution will not work for operators.
    • Creating Node Groups every time is a time consuming workaround just for one time use.
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  • You can easily achieve that goal by creating an adhoc custom node or interface group with the criteria "not like" and matching pattern following.   Bob* , *Bob* ,  *Bob