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nnmenableperfspi.ovpl should grant access to the Windows Administrators group to the PerfSPI-share

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over 1 year ago

When NNMi and NPS is installed on separate servers in a Windows envirement, you have to run nnmenableperfspi.ovpl on the NNMi-server to make things work. While running that script you can provide a domain user that is given access to the PerfSPI-share that is being created on the NNMi-server. NPS have to be configured with that user to be able to fetch metric-files. However, there will occure problems when that user is not the same user that perform an upgrade of the NPS-software.

1. During an upgrade of NPS the sdkConfig.cfg file will fail to be copied from NPS-server to NNMi-server. Error message:

WARN NPSINSTALLDIR//nonOV/perl/a/bin/../lib/site_perl/NPS/[3965] Utility.changeSdkUserPwd Failed command copy(NPSDATADIR/NNMPerformanceSPI/rconfig/sdkConfig.cfg,//SERVERNAME/PerfSPI/config/sdkConfig.cfg): No such file or directory

2. Running the De-Coupling hotfix on NPS 2018.11 will fail to upgrade Custom Poller extention causing fetching of theese files to stop. The logfiles will give error message:

INFO : Shared extension folder does not exist //SERVERNAME/PerfSPI/extension/final

3. When running runCheckConfig.ovpl on NPS-server, it will give following error messages

ERROR: Configuration:   Unable to access directory //SERVERNAME/PerfSPI



The user that doing install and upgrade of NNMi and NPS is required to be a local administrator. The easiest way to do that is to let that user (or an AD user group containing that user) to be a memeber of the local security group Administrators on the servers.

nnmenableperfspi.ovpl should grant access to the local Administrators group full access to the PerfSPI share in addition to the user configurated in the nnmenableperfspi.ovpl script.


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  • I have ran into two problems while running the NPS decoupling bundle in a Windows environment.

    1. The passord of the Informix user was expired before running the script. I just sat a new password and ran the script again, so I gues it is not a big problem.

    2. I did get an error message that said that the PerfSPI-share on NNMi server was not available. This because the user that ran the script did not have access to the share.

    Theese two problems should be adressed as a pre-check before the script starts the decoupling-process.