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NNMi Custom Dashboards

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Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago

Add in Configuration the option to customize the dashboards


1. Change ans save the specs for the predefined dashboards for all NNM/iSPis like the autorefresh time and on/off , time period like 5 minutes or more , hide or add graphs , rearrange the position

2. Add new dashboard option 

3. Be able to create a custom dashboard with a graphs combination of various sources componets,network,QA,MPLS

4. Each user to be able to have his own dashboards

  • We need that NNMi be more customizable in this aspects.

  • This is most basic functionality that any monitoring tool is able to provide and NNM dashboards are very outdated and not much useful during the troubleshooting sessions causing the administrators heartburn.

    Would like to see the product transformed with better OOB dashboards and customizations around views/dashboards.

  • Yes. This is must needed feature. It is very old traditional method to stick to use what i provide concept from NNMi product. Every day customer requirement changes & we should be advanced to client requests.

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