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NNMi / NA incident integration

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Waiting for Votes
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over 1 year ago

With the installation of NOM (NNMi 2019.05 and NA 2019.05) we've seen that on some incidents there is an action triggered on NA.

For example, an Interface Down alarm leads to a NA-Action which tries to run the diagnostics "NA_INTERFACES" which is skipped since this diagnostic doesn't exist. There is apparently more actions triggered on OSPF alarms and ChassisChangeNotification.  Specially in areas of guaranteed latency this can lead to unnecessary or unwanted queries on the devices.

In it self this is a very good feature, but the administrator must have the possibility configure those actions. So this integration needs

a) more documentation

b) an option to configure on what incidents in NNMi trigger what tasks within NA.




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  • We too have noticed these, but more with interfaces, and since NNMi is triggering the diagnostics based on interfaces, we can have situations where the same device will have many diagnostics queued up.  It'd be nice if there was a better way to figure out the relationship of interfaces that belong to a single device and then spawn one diagnostic for them (within a given time).  

    Think documentation would definitely help.  Information on how to configure, what we can configure, how to disable globally.