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NNMi push to ucmdb enhancement

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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8 months ago


For the push from NNMi to UCMDB we need the following to be added/fixed:

- Adherence to the UCMDB datamodel (place CI's in appropriate sub-CIT in Net Devices, instead of just setting as a node)
- Add serial number in NNMi discovery

We followed the best practices for the integration to ucmdb as to get the network CI's to SMAX. For this to work we need the CI's to be a subtype of 'Netdevice' in UCMDB. Also the integration to SMAX demands a serial number to be available on the CI for the reconciliation purposes in SMAX.

Currently the pull from NNMi to ucmdb running on ucmdb does take the correct data model adherence in account, yet the push from NNMi does not. As the push is recommended in the best practices, we would expect the correct data model adherence to be there.

If we use the pull, CI's will be added as non-aging, and deleted CI's will not be deleted by the integration, so we can't use the pull. 



Maarten Klein and Ron Bocken

  • We would like you to consider also adding an option where one can select the attributes to push to OBM/UCMDB.


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