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NNMi should monitor the password expiration of the Informix user on the NPS server

Status : Declined
over 1 year ago

NPS stops working every now and then because the password of the Informix user has expired. This happens without any warning. It would be great if NNMi could monitor the password expiration of this user and provide a warning-incident in NNMi two weeks or so before the password expire. Maybe a severity Major when the password has expired?

Maybe it would be event better if the password never expires?


Fault Polling
  • Is it possible to enhance NPS-installation to create the Informix-user with the never expire password option pre-enabled?

  • Dear Submitter
    Sorry to inform you that this idea has been declined as this is beyond the scope of the product. However, the links below shall provide relevant information needed.

  • Dear Submitter, As you rightly pointed, NNMi or NPS does not deal with system users and can not do much about it. You should be able to disable password expiry rule at OS level itself. You can use OS commands, like net user informix, periodically to find the password expiry time and do the needful. Following NPS logs can help with finding the issue:
    Informix Logs:

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any further assistance on this.

  • NPS does not have anything to do with monitoring a Windows user. Yes, the Informix user is created by NPS (or should I say IBM?), but that is about it. It is possible to create something that can monitor that Windows user and repport status back to NNMi, an adon, a patch or a separarate program. Maybe there is an SNMP OID on a Windows server for all I know?

  • Since v2018.11 was the last release for Performance for Metrics using Informix/Sybase, I dont think this will be pursued.