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NNMi Support for MIB OID Type CounterBasedGauge64

Status : Under Consideration
Under Consideration
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over 3 years ago

Currently, the MIB Object type CounterBasedGauge64 is not strictly supported by RFC:

From  RFC 2856:

           Note that this TC is not strictly supported in SMIv2,
           because the 'always increasing' and 'counter wrap' semantics
           associated with the Counter64 base type are not preserved.
           It is possible that management applications which rely
           solely upon the (Counter64) ASN.1 tag to determine object
           semantics will mistakenly operate upon objects of this type
           as they would for Counter64 objects.

Even with NNMi, we cannot cast it as Big Integer.  It will result in an error in the nnm.log files.

NNMi can cast as a Gauge, but it will not support values greater than 32 bit.

The Idea is to get real support for this OID


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