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SIP Trunk CUBE Status/Utilization Monitoring via NNM IPT SPI

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Adding OOB policies to enable polling in NNM or in IPT SPI to monitoring following metrics. At this moment we have setup custom pollers to monitor SPI Trunk Status and Trunk Utilization 



2.4.2      SIP Trunk Status

SIP trunk status is an important element of CUBE monitoring. This status is not currently available via SNMP (only via CLI as covered in the previous section).

However, there are MIBS that can be used for monitoring active calls.  See the chart below.  Are these MIBs available in NNMi?


Table 5.         CISCO IOS MIBs that Contain Active Call Information

MIB                                    OID                        Table Name            Number of Entries per Call

DIAL-CONTROL-MIB callActiveTable     2


CISCO-VOICE-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB cvCallActiveTable  0 (Used for TDM GW calls only)


Table 8.         Real-Time Trunk Utilization: CISCO-VOICE-DIAL-CONTROL-MIB

OID OID# New/Changed Platform Use/Operation cvVoIPCallActiveTable Baseline ISR G1, ISR G2, AS5x00, ASR Provides statistics on active VoIP calls, indexed by callActiveSetupTime and callActiveIndex.

cvCallVolume CUBE 1.4 ISR G1, ISR G2, AS5x00 

Total, per-protocol, per-dial-peer and per-interface call active statistics.





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