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We need to be able to get a list of all VRFs discovered by NNMi in one action.

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over 2 years ago

NNMi 10.50 with MPLS SPI.

Currently, our network has more than 3900 VRFs.

In MPLS -> L3 VPN Inventory we can see several lists of VRFs, but no single menu is available where ALL of the VRFs are seen, neither there is a CLI tool which allows to dump full list of VRFs.

The only way to get the full list of VRFs from NNMi is to dump it from the DB.

This is an Idea to have a menu and/or CLI tool where all the VRFs could be shown with one easy action without the need to connect to DB.

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  • Separate inventory table view would be very nice.

    One more thing that I am missing for L3VPNs is the route target and route distinguisher inventory. These would be two more views and information from them should be also available in VRF view.

    Last, but not at least, make tables in iSPI for MPLS inventories sortable and filterable!