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RPA Bot status "Waiting for Robot"

I have a problem with Microfocus RPA 2020.11 Trial version.
Everything was working fine until at some point processes stopped running because they go from "In Progress" status to "Waiting for Robot"
The robot service is running and there are no other running tasks.

At this point, every run ends with the task status stopping at "Waiting for robot" status after a few seconds

Restarting the machine does not help.

What could be the problem here?
Can reinstalling the robot help here? If so, how to do it in Trial version.

A screenshot is attached.




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  • Hi,


    I can notice that the status of the Robot is NOT_LAUNCHED. 

    As far as I know, that status is set when UFT (which comes together with Robot) si not ready.

    In order to check if UFT is up and running, please see if you have 'UFT Helper Service' in 'Running' state.

    If that service is working too, then I think you should create a support ticket in order to investigate this problem in more detail.