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Run windows OO flow across domain.

Dear Experts,

We have Operation Orchestration Central, RAS and studio in one domain1 and we have to run Windows flows with PowerShell script in domain2, but we are not able to connect Windows Server through WinRM.

WinRM port is blocked in Domain2. 

Is there any solution available to run flows cross domain or can we install any OO module in Domain 2 and connect it to Domain1 for running flows.

Please suggest.



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    you can install a RAS in Domain 2 and register it in Central in Domain 1. Assign a different worker group to RAS in Domain 2.

    Now - inside your flow - add a detection where you need to do your operation (FQDN etc) and assign the worker group to the subflow or operation. You also may take care of different credentials for each domain.

    Regards Rene

  • Thanks Greetz for prompt reply, we will install RAS in Domain 2 and confirm.