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Is there any new storage provisioning content being planned?

Specifically I'm interested in any sort of integration with Brocade Network Advisor.

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  • Hello,

    We would like to understand what are the exact integrations and use cases you are looking after.

    OO provides already Storage Provisioning integrations such as HPE 3PAR or NetApp and potential new integrations in the future. 

    The best way is to open an enhancement request to HPE support with clear details.

    Best regards,


  • We have already some contents for integration with HPE 3PAR and NetApp, but we're missing the SAN switches part, which we already had with SE. And the dominant vendor in this market is Brocade.

    Apparently Shay Wissotzky Cohen started conversations with Brocade so that they would develop the contents, but it didn't happen. No news since then.