(OO) Support Tip: Operations that integrate with OBM/OMi may return garbled multibyte characters.

When executing some OO operations from an OO flow to integrate with OBM(OMi), multibyte characters returned from OBM(OMi) may be garbled on the OO side.
Those operations are included in the OpenText Solutions CP(AFL) or Micro Focus Solutions CP(AFL), for example,

  /OpenText Solutions [3.x.x]/Library/Integrations/OpenText/Operations Manager i/Get Event
  /Micro Focus Solutions [2.x.x]/Library/Integrations/Micro Focus/Operations Manager i/Get Event

This garbled behavior is expected to be fixed in a future version of OpenText Solutions CP(AFL), but if you encounter such an issue before the release of the fixed CP, please contact OO product support.

Please note that older versions of MF Solutions CPs(ALF) do not cause such garbled characters.


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