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Amazon webservice metrics: not received



i've installed a SIS 11.24 to monitor EC2 cloudwatch, and now i can monitor instance health, but no metrics are reported to Sitescope.

In cloudwatch interface, i am able to see that CPU, network are graphed, and i did'not find anything to explain why in Sitescope i can see these counters, but no data is sent into Sitecope.


Someone alredy have this issue? There is a special parameter to enable on cloudwatch interface to report in SIS?


Thx for your help


Note: i'm not interested in reporting Sitecope metric into cloudwatch

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  • Hello Keneth,


    many thx, this is a very usefull tool.


    I try to play with, and i'm not able to make it work on my sitescope using the CLI directly. I guess this an issue with proxy, i try to add the following environment variable:

    SERVICE_JVM_ARGS="-Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080"


    without success, i have network or permission denied.


    I add the parameter --show-request and copy past it in a browser, and miracle, i can see all metrics in XML format.


    Have you any idea of what could goes wrong? This seems to be a proxy side issue, but i'm afraid to see that Sitescope appears to have same trouble to deal with proxies apparently...