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Remote connectivity via ssh no longer works on SiteScope 11.32

Hello Experts,

We have an open case regarding ssh connectivity issue on remote windows server using SiteScope 11.32. The same servers are currently being monitored on our 11.24 version without any issues. I would like to know more if there are major changes in the 11.32 architecture on how it handle ssh as compared to the 11.2x version.


  • There was a major change between 11.2X and 11.32. 11.32 includes a new Mindterm java client for SSH. We were waiting on this to resolve numerous problems we had with SSH to Windows servers (We run OpenSSH on our windows servers). While it resolved some Key Exchange algorithm deficencies, we are still seeing SiS struggle to manage SSH connections to Windows hosts. We also have several hundred Unix servers managed via SSH, and have zero problems with those.

  • Hi Brett,

    Thank you for the prompt response. These servers that we are having issues with are web servers on the DMZ. Even deploying new from the 11.32 version does not resolve the issue. Do we have recommendations at this point?

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  • Sorry mate, no. We've never used the SiS included RemoteNTSSH server.. our Ops teams already run their preferred versions of SSH servers on the managed nodes.

    I can only suggest doing what we had to do when trying to diagnose issues.. Enable a separate trace file in debug mode for one of the failing monitors, and trawl that and the SSH server logs for hints.. and of course.. a case with HP :)