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Tuning OBM for 100+ concurrent UI sessions

Hi all,

in an HA setup with 2 single servers, both configured for GW&DPS we face significant UI performance degradation when more than 15-20 users are logged in concurrently. I tried to manually adapt some of the process memory settings, but I am not sure, which of these processes would be the main culprit for the slowdown (up to UI messages, that the server does not respond).

Is there a best practice guide to tune OBM for a higher number of UI sessions? We have 44GB of memory in each server and about 22k CIs currently in the RTSM.Which process typically slows down UIs and what is an acceptable heap usage in the corresponding performance graph for the OBM servers?

Thanks in advance for any sharing of best practice or tuning hints.

Best regards,
Lars Droege