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OBM server as a secondary manager

Hello Forum,

I have a trouble configuring the OBM server as a secondary manager, in particular running the "ovdeploy" command from the OBM GW machine to the OA monitored nodes i got this error:

"caller is not authorized to perform the requested operations"

Consider the flexible configuration has been successfully applied and this issue is occurring only for subset of monitored nodes, so seems the problem is caused by OA side.

Please do you have any suggestion about it? Is there any best practise? consider i have already restarted the agent as well update the certificate chain (ovcert -updatetrusted).

Thank you.



  • Suggested Answer

    Are you sure that your flexible manager policy is correct and rolled out to the nodes?  Did you use the COreID of the ovrg server component in the flexible manager policy?

    also did you use ovdeploy with -ovrg server parameter?

  • Hi,

    I confirm the problem was on agent side, infact the "OVO authorization" policy was not been deployed successfully.

    I rerun the distribution job, from OM server to OA nodes, and now the flexible mechanism is working as expected.




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