HTTP/Web protocol recording getting some issues in Vugen 2020 sp2

Hi community,

                       while recording i am getting below error PFS after some time page loads, but replays is also failing with Error -26627: HTTP Status-Code=404 , and also some authorization errors similar to this  :

vuser_init.c(50): Error -26547: Authentication required, please use web_set_user, e.g. web_set_user("domain\\user", "password", "host:port");      [MsgId: MERR-26547]

vuser_init.c(50): Error -26630: HTTP Status-Code=401 (Unauthorized) for "https://....XYZ...

i have whitelisted antivirus from vugen path , this is a internal website uses a SSO mechanism , let me know any conf changes to be made ?

other work arounds tried is mapping and filters added server and ports, checked local proxy option to record ,

vugen error :- 

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    Possible fixes to add to the script before replaying.

    web_set_certificate and add the website certificate details here.

    web_set_user("domain\\user", "password", "host:port");   add the user that should authenticate, so this can be done during the script replay.


    Before this, check which authentication is used, and add the user that has permission to authenticate.

    To discover this, the manual operation could be done first and capture the data creating a browser HAR File, then review the authentication steps in the HAR File, and use that information in the script so it can authenticate during the replay.

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