Haproxy configuration on windows obm 23.05

Hello experts,

Is there anyone who confiure HA obm with haproxy loadbalacing? obm is windows with 2 gtw and 2 dps and haproxy server is unix.  I try to use this document as reference https://portal.microfocus.com/s/article/KM000003489?language=en_US ,i can see the login page when connecting from lb address but credientials is not working , on the logs i see log like no user name. 

USER_NAME:No user name,HASHED_SESSION_ID:fdad0c6abbf472987de3fed9d07a0e08365a60ad,METHOD:GET..

Thanks in advance

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    Yes, I have followed the instructions in this KCS document.  I'm not sure, but I think the log file extract looks like it could be /opt/HP/BSM/log/webapps/user_stats_log_filter.log.  Yes, I would expect to see these lines added.  This is because /etc/haproxy/check.sh which haproxy uses to check if OBM is up and running does not authenticate, therefore will show "no user name".

    You cna test this yourself by running:
    # curl --insecure https://<GW>/topaz/topaz_api/loadBalancerVerify_centers.jsp

    Which will return:
    Success: Tomcat, AS, OprWeb, OprConfig, PD, IdM, TMC and Management database are up and running.


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