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BSM 9.10: Error when trying to log into BSM



I am getting the below error from IIS.   I have checked everything on the Microsoft website for the article on this error. 


HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error Calling LoadLibraryEx on ISAPI filter "I:\HPBSM\bin\IIS\isapi_redirect.dll" failed


Does anyone have a clue as to hpow to resovle this or seen this with BSM 9.10 and IIS 7.5?


Any information greatly appreciated.



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  • I don't see any issues on BSM side and there is no information about attaching to IIS. Have you tried re-installing IIS? Can you try again running the batch files manually from command prompt & provide the output?

    See the application/system event logs for any error information for IIS. One way to verify if your IIS is working fine is to remove topaz at the end BSM URL and open it in a browser. You should get "It Works" message.

    Just wondering if this is an upgraded environment from BAC 8.x to BSM 9.10 environment? If so, there is a bigger issue that need to be addressed.

    On the other note, is this a single server deployment & your DB installed on same server?
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